Taking your benefits further

What you need to know

Get the most from your  benefits

Your employer sets you up on the group plan.. now what?

Before you max out your benefits, consider some easy ways to save yourself (and your plan) money, and stretch your benefits to their maximum potential.

Why is this important?

Being conscious of the way you spend your benefit dollars helps your employer continue to sustain your plan for years to come, and saves you in out of pocket expenses now and later down the road.

Ways to save at the Pharmacy

Drug mark-ups

There is no limit on drug price mark-ups. Meaning, mark-ups can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, and even by chain location. The price you pay for the same drug at one pharmacy can cost you more, or less, at another.

Do your research to find the best rates.

Dispensing fees

Pharmacies can charge a varying fee for dispensing your medication, so you can shop around to find the lowest rate.

You can also ensure yor maintenance medication isn’t being dispensed in 30-day quantities when it could be dispensed in 90-day quantities.

Generic vs brand name

Generic drugs are a safe and equally effective alternative to brand name drugs, and are often 15% of the cost.

Biosimilar drugs are another lower cost option that can be discussed with your doctor.

Save on other services

Dental fees

Every province has a recommended dental fee guide. Make sure the services you are being billed for are within this recommended fee range and that you are being treated based on your oral health condition, not your benefit maximum.

Paramedical practitioner fees

These services are usually based on a ‘reasonable and customary fee’ but can vary between practitioners.

Research the fees charged by practitioners in your area and make your choice based on quality and value.

Medical equipment

There are no standard fees for medical equipment. It makes sense to shop around and find the best quality at a reasonable price.