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Spouse & Dependent Eligibility

What you need to know


It can be difficult to understand if your spouse, children, or other family members are eligible for coverage under your group benefits plan. Use the information below to understand how spouses and dependents are defined and determine if they are eligible to enrol in your benefits plan.


IS YOUR SPOUSE ELIGIBLE? Your spouse is eligible for enrolment in your benefits plan if you are married or in a civil union with them. You can designate a civil union spouse by declaring on your enrolment that you have been living with them on a permanent basis for at least one year.

IS YOUR DEPENDENT ELIGIBLE? Your dependents are eligible for enrolment in your benefits plan if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are your unmarried child, including stepchild, legal adopted stepchild, or legal ward of you or your spouse who depends on you for support and maintenance.
  2. They are under the age limit started in your Schedule of Benefits for each applicable benefit.
  3. They are attending a recognized educational institution on a full-time basis.
  4. They are mentally or physically handicapped and are incapable of earning their own living due to such handicap, and where the handicap commenced while they were a child as defined in 2 or 3.


For more information on these definitions and/or benefits under your group benefits plan, please refer to your Benefits Booklet.

If you have a unique situation and require further support to determine the eligibility of a dependent or spouse, please follow up with your Plan Administrator.